See you later

Hey everyone,

You know, we had a good run, and we’re proud of what we did here. However, it’s time to officially pack Black Water away for a little while and focus on new things.

Don’t despair! We’re not giving up on music at all. On the contrary, we’re all very busy: 

First of all, Lloyd, Gary, and I are making something happen and should have an announcement soon.

Gerry is one half of the traveling acoustic duo The Knowing Glances, who will be touring America this winter in a hybrid car, and then building some houses in North Carolina next year.

Lloyd is drumming for local proprietors of funk and soul the Frozen Gentlemen, who have a show at Tierney’s in Montclair this Friday the 5th, and he’s also playing with the mysterious Operation SMOP. 

Lloyd and myself are the hirsute half of geek punks Zac Clark & the Griswolds, who have a show at Lamp Post in Jersey City next Saturday the 13th.

I’m in a Squeeze cover band that’s called Cool for Bats, who will be playing the annual Ghost of Uncle Joe’s after-party at Lamp Post on October 27. This will basically be my birthday party since I turn 31 at midnight. Or into a pumpkin? I can’t remember.

Gary has a new baby so he isn’t sleeping much, but he assures me that as tiring as it is being a new dad, it is twice as awesome.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, booked us, and listened to us. See you around the bend.



Friendly Fire is Black Water’s second full-length and their first with Gary Laurie on guitar.

Lloyd L. Naideck, Gary Laurie, Adam N. Copeland, Gerry Griffin 

All songs © 2012 Copeland, Griffin, Laurie, Naideck 
Words: Copeland; except Griffin on 1,3; Laurie on 4 
Recordings produced by Adam N. Copeland 
Mixed by Scott Thompson and Adam N. Copeland at Escape From the Industry 


Diana Laurie, Andrew Morgan, Joe Pearl, Gerry Griffin IV, Beth Hatfield-Griffin, Erin Karcher, Mary Ellen Morrow, Maine (Supreme Commander, Bean, and Baby Jasper), Erika Palmaffy, Alana Hoffman, Dan Copeland, Pauline Copeland, Theresa Copeland, Tara Copeland, Liam James, Randy Lee, Zac Clark, Scott Thompson, The Brothers Minus, Frank Zappa, Secactus

Some news, y’all.

As of last Monday our good friend Gerry Griffin is currently living and working in North Carolina for the next few months. What this means for our upcoming record and future gigs is uncertain and yet to be determined.

In the meantime, the rest of us are going to hole up in the studio to begin writing the next record. We wish Gerry the best of luck in his adventures until we see him again. 

See you later, Space Cowboy.

Now we observe the Scott Thompson in his natural environment.  (Taken with Instagram)

Now we observe the Scott Thompson in his natural environment. (Taken with Instagram)